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Odisha, an eastern state of India has a coastline of 300 miles along the Bay of Bengal and Bhubaneswar known as “ City of Temples” is the capital. The land is known for the rich culture of ancient arts and crafts. Stone carving on the temples, intricate workmanship of silver wire filigree also known as “Tarakashi” and hand carving on palm leaves in the form of “Pattachitra” are few of the finest treasures of Odisha created by the local artisans. Globally people from Odisha origin are connected by their rich food cultures, uniquely crafted festivals dedicated to Hindu Gods and Goddesses, and their spiritually enriched lifestyles. Established in 2021 at Chicago, Beautiful Minds Youth Mentoring has been engaged in grooming the youths of Odisha into full fledged human beings and World class citizens. Through various interactive workshop sessions, it is a humbling effort to unite youths of Odisha origin across the globe and shape each other as global ready citizens by promoting their lifestyles, cultures and presenting their understanding of different forms of arts surrounding their roots. This platform is created to give voice to the underprivileged, underserved and distressed Odia Youth.

Workshops & events

We organized a two days workshop to educate kids about art and artisans of Odisha. We honored various artists by promoting live demonstrations of their respective mastered arts from Odisha and brief presentations by youth mentor interns. We demonstrated: Hand loom, Pattachitra, Silver Filigree, Palm leaf carving, Stone Carving, Applique work, Prisha, Papier Mache, Clay/Terracotta Craft, Sand Art Jhoti Chita Muruja, Lacquer work, Brass Craft, Santhal/Saora Painting.

We organized an event “This is My Life” showcasing lives of Odia youth at USA, Canada and India. This was an interactive event created by youth mentor interns of Beautiful Minds to promote positive lifestyle exchange through presentations and Q & A. Over 200 Odia youth participants across the world were culturally enriched by picking into each other’s respective lives.

The prayer meeting was designed to arouse the collective spiritual enlightenment of Odia youths to tackle and defeat the evil act of the Covid-19 virus. The event was planned to teach power and empathy and  prayer.

A sound mind can create wonders. Hence it is important to take care of our physical as well as mental health. Due to current pandemic, social isolation is creating havoc in our mental health. Every day it is hard for our kids to cooperate with the load of school work and exam preparation.

Beautiful Minds Youth Mentoring Foundation USA and Beautiful Youth Minds India are introducing a platform for young and young at heart to connect and manage a positive mental health by expressing their creativity. The platform will be a medium to create a support system, by sharing each other’s experience and passion. Please join us to participate in an interactive and expressive sessions with our panels of experts, students and parents.

Youth activities competition in the spirit of Dusshera

On the occasion of Durga Puja, Beautiful Minds Youth Mentoring foundation engaged youths of Odisha in various activities and competitions, in hybrid mode. Posters were printed, certificates and prizes were awarded. Our youth interns were the judges of the competitions. Volunteers on the ground enthusiastically conducted the event. The ceremony was graciously started by worshiping Nava Durga, carved on palm leaves by our talented young artist Sudarshan Behera (an ancient work of art pothipatra)

Celebrating Kumar Purnima with youth volunteers of Odisha

Presentations by our Youth Mentors and Interns

An article written by Nishant Sadangi
Message by Mayor of Bolingbrook, USA


Silver Filigree

Palm leaf carving

Sand Art

Applique work

Papier Mache

Clay/Terracotta Craft

Stone Carving

Jhoti Chita Muruja

Lacquer work


Brass Craft

Santhal/Saora Painting

Presentation from "This is My Life"

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