About Beautiful Minds Youth Mentoring Foundation

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Beautiful Minds Youth Mentoring Foundation is a public charity 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, located in suburban Chicago. Through our organization, we promote empowering underserved, underprivileged, and distressed youth by mentoring them beyond curriculum and shaping them to become global ready citizens. Our programs are structured to connect youth across the globe and empower them with various personal as well as professional skills through positive learning experiences.
Our Mission:The future belongs to the millennials and we are determined to serve them with gratitude. Our mission is to build a bridge between beautiful minds of all youth, regardless of social status, across the globe by offering a platform of brotherhood and sisterhood and to rise together toward building a sustainable society of togetherness.
Our Vision: The vision is to see youth connecting globally to promote each other and add values to their respective lives.

Youth Mentor Interns

Priyanka Das (USA)

Debanshi Dey (USA)

Koen Biswal (India)

Sushreeya Mishra (USA)

Kritita Samal (USA)

Samiksha Senapati (USA)

Sneha Adhikari(USA)

Naihara Rout(USA)

Anushka Biswal(Canada)

Aayan Pattnaik (USA)

Swadha Garnaik (USA)

Aarushi Singhdeo (Canada)

Prisha Panda (USA)

Aanya Pattnaik (USA)

Tanushree (India)

Mishka Hota (USA)

Sarankshi Duvuri (USA)

Adyesha Singhdeo (Canada)

Deepti Moharana (India)

Shreyas Mishra (India)

IT and social media management

Muhammad Saffiulla(India)

“unmute” magazine Editors

Nishant Sadangi

Vice President of Operations, India

Rosalin Dash 

Director of Communication and Strategy, India


SaiKrishna Mohanty 

Executive Advisors

Sanghamitra Singh (India)

Shyama Rath (USA)

Youth Mentor

Bhumika Gochhi

Youth outreach specialist

Anuradha Anand

Youth outreach specialist

Sangeeta Tripathy

Youth outreach specialist

Padmaja Nandini

Youth outreach specialist

Grants and Contracts Specialist

Rinkesh Pati USA

Board Of Directors

Suchismita Panda


Director of Business Development at Absolute Informatics

Former Research Scientist at University of Illinois at Chicago

Nishant Sadangi

Board executive Director

Sohan Mishra

Board Secretary

General Manager Head, Project Management FLOVEL Energy Pvt. Ltd. Faridabad, India.

Subhendu Sadangi

Board Treasurer

Vice President of Absolute Informatics inc, Chicago, USA.

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